Weston's Warriors

Julie- Weston's Mom

Julie is the proud wife of Adam, and the loving mama to the Keeton eight. She was the primary caregiver to Weston during his life, and acted as his advocate to ensure that his quality life was always put first. Julie worked hard to make sure that her family continued to make memories any way possible. Only she could turn a hospital into a second home for her children. 

Julie continues raise awareness for pulmonary hypertension and organ donation in honor of all the other mama's out there with sick babies!

Adam- Weston's Dad

Adam has been married to Julie for 10 years, and is the proud daddy to the Keeton eight! During Weston's hospitalization, Adam remained in at home in TN  for work in order to continue to provide for his family and to keep Weston's insurance active. 

As hard as it was to be separated from his family, Adam was the pillar of strength for his family. He came up to visit Weston and the family in Philadelphia as much as possible, despite the fact that he prefers rolling hills to sky scrappers!

Weston's Super Siblings 

Weston has seven brothers and sister. Easton is the oldest of the family, and was Weston's very best friend. He was always by Weston's side, and was the biggest cheerleader for his little brother. Easton loves reading, learning and plans to become a doctor when he grows up!  

Abby, Emery, Sutton, Avery, Ellie and Kinley are Weston's little siblings. Kinley was born six month after Weston went to heaven, but he knew that she was on her way! 

Throughout Weston's entire life, his siblings were a huge part it! They all loved to play together, and made countless of memories together. His memory will continue to live on through all of them!