In Honor oF wESTON kEETON 



Weston's Warriors


Meet Weston

Weston was born on September 3, 2006 in Kingsport TN. Shortly after his birth, he was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. He had several surgeries during his first year of life. After a series of hypertension crisis' Weston was brought to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in June 2011, at four years old. Weston lived at CHOP while waiting for his transplants, with the exception of a few months he was healthy enough visit home and go on his Make-A-Wish Trip to Disney World! 

Weston fought for his health fiercely during those years at CHOP while he waited for a new heart and lungs. He was always a "character" who charmed his way into the hearts of everyone he met. A spunky and rambunctious typical little boy, he loved superheroes, being outside, playing in grass and mud, feeling sunshine, and catching bugs and critters. He insisted on spicy foods and loved Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Weston loved to play practical jokes, like replacing the cream in an oreo with white mint toothpaste and putting hot sauce in his favorite doctor's coffee. Weston also loved spending time with his seven brothers and sisters.

Weston's parents were determined to give him the best life possible while he had breath. His days in the hospital were busy and fun, with physical, occupational, and speech therapies, home school, music, art, and mischief.When Weston Keeton was five years old, his mom asked him "if you could have lunch with a famous person who would it be?" In his journal he drew a small circle and gave it stick arms and legs. Then he drew a very large circle right next to the other one, and put a great big curved smile inside it. "I want to meet God" was his caption. Even though small and a child, Weston's faith spurred on the faith of his parents throughout the battles of his illness, and ultimately brought many others to know the love of Jesus.

After 2.5 years of waiting, Weston received his gift of life on December 12, 2013, with a heart and double lung transplant. His seven year old body fought valiantly to accept the new organs over the next few months, but took a large turn for the worse in mid March. God called Weston home. Weston was able to give the sight by becoming an cornea donor. 

We will always remember what Weston taught us about life: that life is to be lived, to be celebrated, and to be treasured; to take pleasure in little things, and  in each other's company.. We miss him and his fierce spirit tremendously, but remember these lessons that he taught us while we enjoyed his presence here. here. In his honor, we continue to raise awareness for pulmonary hypertension and organ donation!